Zero Waste

Welcome to the first Slovenian Zero Waste Resort.

Welcome to the first Slovenian Zero Waste Resort.

We are committed to sustainable development and we want to keep our world green. We show a caring attitude towards the environment, especially in the field of waste, drinking water, and respect for food.

In 2018, we obtained the Zero Waste Hotel certificate and became the first hotel in Slovenia with this title. In 2021, we also acquired the title of Zero Waste Glamping.

We are the first and only in Slovenia with this certificate.

What is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste is a commitment that leads society to change lifestyles and habits and to emulate sustainable natural cycles, where all waste materials are the raw material for someone else – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

The main goal of the Zero Waste commitment is to reduce the amount of waste generated and prevent harmful releases to land, water, and air that could endanger the health of ecosystems, humans, animals, or the planet.

As Zero Waste Resort, we operate according to the guidelines of green business, which contributes to a better connection with the local environment and greater satisfaction of guests and our employees.

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How are we part of the Zero Waste story?

In the hotel and glamping we provide high-quality services for your comfort and the comfort of nature. We are on the (eternal) path of separating 90% of all our waste, generating 30% less annually, and consuming 30% less water and energy.

We try to achieve this in several ways:

Here are some tips on how you too can become part of our Zero Waste story:

In a room or house:

When you leave the room:

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Ecologists without borders - Zero Waste Slovenia:

In 2014, the Ecologists Without Borders Association became part of the Zero Waste Europe network and thus the national organization for representing the Zero Waste Slovenia program.

They run the national network of Zero Waste municipalities, which they expand to a network of tourist accommodation and event organizers, and promote the concept at the national level.

Regular monitoring and verification of our activities and review of results (monthly waste weighing, water consumption, electricity…), which must meet the required criteria for obtaining the use of the certificate Zero Waste Resort.

The municipality of Bled, of which Ribno Alpine Resort is a part, has also embarked on the Zero Waste route and has set itself the goal of collecting 80% of all waste separately by 2025.

We are proud to contribute important steps to this goal through our sustainable conduct with you.