Zero Waste

Welcome to the first European Zero Waste Resort.

Welcome to the first European Zero Waste Resort.

“More and more people want to spend their holidays in a sustainable way, and the certificate is a seal of excellence for tourism providers who prove that they offer this option. Ribno Alpine Resort has inspired thousands of tourists, students and waste management professionals with its ambition, leadership and daily implementation of waste reduction practices. It undoubtedly deserves the European Zero Waste Business Certification. They are living proof that zero waste holidays are possible and enjoyable”.

Kaisa Karjalainen, Head of MiZA (Mission Zero Academy, under the auspices of Zero Waste Europe)

What is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste is a commitment that leads society to change lifestyles and habits and to emulate sustainable natural cycles, where all waste materials are the raw material for someone else – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

The main goal of the Zero Waste commitment is to reduce the amount of waste generated and prevent harmful releases to land, water, and air that could endanger the health of ecosystems, humans, animals, or the planet.

As Zero Waste Resort, we operate according to the guidelines of green business, which contributes to a better connection with the local environment and greater satisfaction of guests and our employees.

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How are we part of the Zero Waste story?

In the hotel and glamping we provide high-quality services for your comfort and the comfort of nature. We are on the (eternal) path of separating 90% of all our waste, generating 30% less annually, and consuming 30% less water and energy.

We try to achieve this in several ways:

Here are some tips on how you too can become part of our Zero Waste story:

In a room or house:

When you leave the room:


Ecologists without borders and European Zero Waste Certificate

In 2014, Ecologists Without Borders became part of the Zero Waste Europe network and thus the national organisation representing the Zero Waste Slovenia programme.

Until 2021, they verified our results every year., From 2022, the performance of zero waste measures and compliance with strict conditions is audited by the European organisation Mission Zero Waste (MiZA), which operates under the auspices of Zero Waste Europe.

They have developed the European ZW Business Certificate, which is the result of more than ten years of professional experience in the field. It promotes the introduction of efficient systems that reduce waste, conserve natural resources and enhance the external image.

As the first winner of the business ZW certificate in Europe, we are proud to contribute important steps to this goal with you through our sustainable conduct.