How to reach us?

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You have to get to Bled first. By train, bus, car, or bicycle.

If you are by car, turn off the motorway and take the local road to Bled, then turn left at the marked crossroads and continue to the turnoff for Ribno. After 2 km at the crossroads, turn right and follow the road to the end of the village. There is the Alpine Resort Ribno. Welcome..

We have two charging stations for electric cars.

If you come to Bled by bus or train, you have several options on how to reach us. In summer there is a shuttle bus from Bled to Ribno. Another option is to rent a bike at one of Bled’s rental shops and ride a bike to us, the third option is to call a taxi service and the fourth is to get out of the station on foot. Find the direction for Ribno and walk south, along the asphalt road. It takes about half an hour to reach the Ribno resort.

If you do not have transport from Bled to the village of Ribno, call us (tel: 00386 45 783 100) or write ( to provide you with transport.

Coordinates: N 46,346147, E 14,121153

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