How to reach us

How to reach us?

Hotel & Glamping Ribno can be reached by various routes. The easiest way to find us is to first reach Bled, which is 2.5 km away from Ribno.

You can get to Bled:

With car:

From the direction of Ljubljana: Take the A2 motorway northwest of Ljubljana and follow the traffic signs for Kranj or Jesenice, and at the motorway turnoff for Bled, turn right and follow the road. Travel time from Ljubljana takes about 40 minutes, but can be extended depending on the season.

From the direction of Jesenice: Take the A2 motorway, which leads from the Karavanke tunnel to Ljubljana, turn 16 km to the right at the turnoff for Bled. Travel time about 15 minutes.

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When you ascend to Bled along the local road, pass the roundabout, then immediately turn left at the first crossroads and continue driving to the turnoff for Ribno. After 2 km at the crossroads, turn right and follow the road to the end of the village - there is the Hotel & Glamping Ribno. For those with an electric car, there are two charging stations available in the parking lot.

Remember that you need a vignette to drive on the motorway in Slovenia, but if you want to avoid paying for the vignette, you can also travel on state roads.

With train:

Near Bled there are two railway stations, the larger of these two Lesce-Bled, with frequent connections between the line: Munich-Salzburg-Ljubljana-Belgrade-Athens-Istanbul, located 4.5 km away from Bled, which means that you will have to from the station to Bled take the bus (see below) or take a taxi. The second station is the railway station Bled Jezero, on the line connecting Villach (AUT) -Jesenice-Nova Gorica-Koper-Trieste (IT), and is located in the northwestern part of Bled. The station is 3 km from the city center and about 6 km from Ribno.

More information: (train schedule in Slovenia), (international train timetable)

Ribno can be reached on foot from both stations. From Lesce-Bled station you will need 1h 30 min if you go parallel to the main road leading to Bled and then to Ribno. However, you can descend from Lesce to the Sava River, cross it at Šobec (camp) and then continue to the village of Koritno and across the fields to Ribno. This trail is ideal for easier hikers. Depending on the walking speed, but on average you can reach the hotel in 1h 20 min. You will spend about the same time if you leave Bled Jezero station. Descend to the lake and go counterclockwise to the village  Mlino (approx. 25 min). There, turn right and continue to the village Selo and continue until you reach Ribno (approx. 35 min). At the crossroads, turn right and walk straight on, to the end of the village (20 min), where the Hotel & Glamping Ribno stands.

There is a regular bus line between Lesce and Bled. From the Bled-Jezero station there is a tourist train, hop on-hop off bus and shuttle bus, which also includes the station in front of Hotel Ribno. You can always call a taxi as well.

With bus:

Arriving by bus to Bled is easy, from about 6 in the morning to 22 in the evening buses from the bus station Ljubljana (and the intermediate station Kranj-Radovljica-Lesce-Bled-Bohinj) run more or less every hour. The return bus to Ljubljana is also common and allows you to easily go on a day trip. In the winter season, departures are slightly less frequent. A regular line also runs on the Jesenice-Bohinj route, but more rarely. There are two bus stations in Bled - the Main Bus Station and Bled-Union. The latter is closer to the Hotel & Glamping Ribno, so get off at Union station.

More information:,

Arrival by bus outside Slovenia: to Bled, except for the carrier Flixbus, which connects major European cities (, there are currently no direct international bus lines, but it does not matter, because you can get to this place easily from all the neighboring countries. All you have to do is get to Slovenia and there change to one of the buses that goes to Bled and if you want to go to Ribno, get off at the Union bus station.

The hotel can be reached on foot from the station. Right next to the station is a crossroads, find the direction for Ribno and walk south, along the asphalt road. It takes about half an hour to walk to Hotel & Glamping Ribno.

Alternatively, you can rent a bike at one of Bled's rental shops and cycle the same route. There is also a shuttle bus to Ribno during the season, but you can always call a taxi.

If you do not have transport from Bled to the village of Ribno, call us (tel: 00386 45 783 100) or write ( us. We will always help you provide a taxi.

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