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The hoteliers of the hotels & regions selected and approved by 'Roadbike Holidays' and 'Mountain Bike Holidays' constantly create new offers in order to accommodate their guests’ wishes. They accompany their guests on tours every day and know that the requirements are just as varied as they are different. Founded in 1996, the quality of the facilities and services for mountain bikers has made ”Mountain Bike Holidays“ the market leading company in Europe. The high standards are ensured by, TÜV Austria certified, annual inspections.

The categories Classic, Elite and Pro refer to the total of available bike services, i.e. services provided by qualified guides per day and week.

We have been approved by “Mountain Bike Holidays“ and have been certified as category Classic.


The category Classic offers the following total of available bike services with qualified guides:

  • 2 guided bike services on 4 days per week, accompanied by guides who are especially trained in the respective offer.
  • At least one of the guided tours in the week programme includes a visit into the neighbouring region. Transfer is arranged, i.e. the tour’s starting and finishing point is situated outside the village/town.
  • There is even a tour on the day of departure.

Bike competence

If you want to experience Slovenia on your bike, then staying at Hotel and Glamping Ribno near Bled is the right choice. This bike-friendly hotel lives and breathes cycling and you and your bike will be in good hands. The owner of the hotel is a cycling enthusiast himself and this is reflected in the cycling-related services offered by the hotel and the wide range of expertly guided bike tours we offer around the variety of scenic bike trails in the region.

You will be taken care of by three qualified bike guides with expert knowledge who will be able to give you all the advice you need.

Matija, the owner of the hotel, a local and a keen cyclist knows all the hidden gems worth visiting in the local area. He likes to have a chat with guests, listens to their needs and provides helpful advice. But most of all, he loves cycling and enjoys joining his guests on a bike ride.

Have you ever experienced being guided by a professional cyclist? Tadej Valjavec was among the top 10 at the Tour the France as well as the Giro d'Italia before he moved into a career in tourism. His speciality now is guiding cycling tours and he will be happy to share with you his expert knowledge about just anything related to cycling. He says: “Sports and cycling above all are my way of life. My motto is U2's 'One Love, One Life'.”

Would you be interested in a culinary experience besides pedalling? Aleš, who is our head chef, has been committed to cycling for a long time and he spends every spare moment on his bike. It is a perfect combination - being a food connoisseur and a cyclist, he is the person to get advice from on what and how much to eat or what wine to choose with your food. Besides guiding a bike tour, he will make sure to provide you with genuine local specialities to satisfy your gourmand taste buds.

Bike services and hotel facilities

  • Bike storage
  • Bike service corner with bike tools, repair stand, repair kit, pump, inner tube (surcharge)
  • Individual bike locks
  • Bike wash
  • Bike wash service (surcharge)
  • Drying facility for wet cycling gear
  • Regular or e-bike hire
  • Bike info corner (cycle route maps, cycle route book)
  • Weather news, advice, hospitality services
  • Xenofit energy supplements
  • The owner of the hotel is a qualified bike guide
  • Qualified bike guide Tadej Valjavec - rode in the Tour the France, the Giro d'Italia and the Vuelta
  • Guided tours with qualified guides (2 guided rides a day, 4 days a week)
  • A guided ride on the day of your departure
  • Activities for non-cycling days
  • Airport, bus or train station shuttle service (surcharge)
  • ‘Stammtisch’ ride
  • Wi-fi
  • Après snack bar
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Bled and its vicinity is one of the most beautiful Alpine resorts which is famous for its balmy, healing climate, thermal lake water and unique natural setting. The sun, fresh air, peaceful environment and breathtakingly beautiful mountains mirrored in the lake make visitors feel at ease with themselves and the surroundings. This mild and health-inducing sub-alpine climate ensures ideal conditions for either a relaxing or an activity-packed holiday at any time of the year. Because Bled is protected from cold northerly winds by the Julian Alps and Karavanke mountain range, its bathing season is long compared to other Alpine resorts and there is no fog in the tourist season.

The remarkable natural sights include Lake Bled with its island, the Vintgar gorge, the Pokljuka gorge, the cave under Babji zob, the Iglica waterfall and one of the oldest national parks in Europe - Triglav National Park. However, if you prefer to experience culture and history, you can take a ride round the lake on a horse drawn open carriage called 'fijaker', take a boat ride to see the charming church on the island or explore the castle, which is perched on a cliff high above the lake. There are so many places worth visiting.

Bike themes

Tour & Trail

The area provides unlimited biking pleasure on the most beautiful MTB tours. Our qualified guides will advise you on cycling techniques and show you the hidden corners of the region, the best trails and spectacular downhills. Each ride will guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Easy & Family

This option is suitable for beginners and leisure bikers who like to combine their love of cycling with the love of good food and stunning panoramic views. On themed trips, you will explore picturesque scenery and taste local Slovene cuisine. Children's bikes and e-bikes are available for hire. A family ride around Lake Bled is an easy trail but an amazing adventure.


1. Bled (easy trail, technically undemanding)

We will head out of Hotel Ribno and follow a light descent to the Sava River then continue along a dirt road in the direction of Selo pri Bledu and to Bohinjska Bela. After crossing the regional road from Bled to Bohinj we will turn onto a woodland path and arrive in Bohinjska Bela in a few minutes. We will follow a tarmac road for a few hundred metres and then turn right onto a dirt road towards Lake Bled. This is the only steeper climb of the route but not a technically demanding one. After a rather easy descent we will reach Zaka campsite by the lake. From this vantage point you can admire the stunning views of Bled island and the castle. The lake is suitable for swimming from June to September. We will follow the road to the right of the lake and after crossing the Bled – Bohinj road again we will take the dirt road back to the hotel.

2. Pokljuka and Triglav National Park (difficult trail, technically undemanding)

We will start at Hotel Ribno and follow a light descent to the Sava River. We will follow the dirt road heading out towards Bohinjska Bela for 6km and then turn right to Slamniki. The first part of the climb to Pokljuka starts here. It is 3km long and it follows a tarmac road for the first kilometre, then a dirt road. After a short descent the trail climbs for 4km. About 200m before the vantage point at Galetovec we will take a steep right turn onto a pathway which will bring us to a rock face with stunning views over Lake Bled. The trail follows an 18km long mixture of woodland paths, tarmac, one-way tracks and dirt roads on the Pokljuka plateau. We will have a short break on the Zajamniki mountain pasture, the so-called balcony of the Pokljuka plateau, before riding down to the lower section of the plateau. This 2km long descent requires basic descending techniques. We will continue to Vodnik vantage point from which there is a captivating view of Lake Bohinj. There will be about 6km of tarmac and dirt road along the lower part of the plateau before an easy and enjoyable descent into the valley. The route will also take us up to the small village of Kupljenik with a 2km long climb and then the final descent down to the Sava River, leading us back to the hotel.

3. Hotel Ribno – Rčitno - Zatrnik (visit to Pokljuka gorge) – Hotel Ribno

We will head out from the hotel and follow adescent to the Sava river, then continue to the right and along the river to Lake Bled. Next, we will follow a tarmac road to Zaka bay and further on to Hotel Triglav. Following a left turn through a railway underpass, we will start the climb to Rčitno mountain pasture. The climb follows a gravel road for about5.5km, then a very steep forest road and footpath for about 500m, leading to a gravelroad which descends to the village of Zatrnik. Here you can leave the bikes in a bike park at the Jagr guesthouse (do not forget to lock them) and then take a walk in Pokljuka gorge to explore this famous natural sight. On the return from the gorge we recommend a local snack at the guesthouse. We will continue towards Pokljuka on the main road for about a kilometre. Then we will join a gravelroad and descend into the village of Krnica. After crossing the Bled to Pokljuka main road, we will continue through the village of Zaboršt, ride to the left of Lake Bled and around the lake to the village of Mlino. Then we will go further on to the village of Selo, where we will turn right, descend to the Sava river and return to the hotel.

4. Bohinjska Bistrica- the Savica waterfall– Bohinjska Bistrica

The tour starts with a 5km warm-up ride to Bled jezero train station from where we will continue to Bohinjska Bistrica by train. Bohinjska Bistrica is the start and finish of the tour. After 4km of easy cycling along Bohinj valley, we will turn left near the village of Žlan onto a steep and technically demanding footpath and continue for a further 4km. The trail brings us to the slopes above Bohinj valley where we will be able to take in magnificent views of the Julian Alps and their highest peak Mount Triglav. (There is an easier route on a tarmac road starting from Bohinjska Bistrica to Ravne nad Bohinjem and continuing straight on, following a gravel road). For the next 4km we will be crossing the slope above the valley on a footpath before we descend to Hotel Belvi above Lake Bohinj. From here on the trail follows a hunters’ track to Ukanc. This trail is of intermediate difficulty and after an easy climb we will reach Koča pri Savici mountain hut. We will leave the bikes in a bike park near the hut (do not forget to lock them) and take a 30min walk to the Savica waterfall and back. Then it is off on the bikes again down a descending footpath to Lake Bohinj for lovely views and possibly a swim in the lake. We will continue along the lake to the village of Stara Fužina (for excellent culinary specialities we recommend Gostišče Mihovc). A steep climb will take us to Rudnica and from there it is a steep descent onto a cycling path from where we will retrace our route back to Bohinjska Bistrica train station. (A less strenuous option is possible by returning from Stara Fužina on the cycling path.)

5. Kofce mountain pasture

Transfer by car from the hotel to the starting point of the tour in Tržič which takes about 25min.

The mountain hut on the Kofce mountain pasture is famous for its delicious 'štruklji' (cottage cheese rolled dumplings). This dish alone is well worth the 15km climb which goes gently up Tržič valley. The first 7km section of tarmac takes you to the village of Jelendol and from there on it is gravel all the way up. The climb is not a technically demanding one, though. Once you reach the Pungart mountain pasture you will have a fantastic view of the peaks of the Karavanke mountains. One more small climb to the Šija mountain pasture, and then it is a gentle descent to Kofce. You will then enjoy a well-deserved snack in a mountain hut below Veliki vrh with a view of the Triglav. Going back, you can choose between an easier trail which follows a gravel road to Jelendol and further on to Tržič, or a technically more challenging one, which is a mixture of gravel and footpath, via planina Kal.

1. Bled - Gorje - Radovna Valley - Mojstrana - Kranjska Gora - Planica (or Vršič) - and back (approx. 110 km, approx. 800 meters in height)

We start the cycling tour in front of the Hotel Ribno and head in the direction of Bled (2km). At the lake, we drive to the Bled regatta center, which has twice been the venue for the World Rowing Championships. We ascend to the village of Gorje, where we turn into the valley of the Radovna river, our most beautiful and cleanest river in the Gorenjska region, which also supplies all Bled with drinking water. After about 10 km of beautiful drive through the valley by the river, we turn into a short (500m) but extremely steep slope that takes us above Mojstrana, and after a short descent, we arrive in the village, where you can find the place of Slovenian Alpine Museum. Mojstrana was the starting point for the first mountaineers who first conquered our highest mountain Triglav in the year 1778. From Mojstrana, we continue along the cycling path for about 20 km through the idyllic nature to Kranjska Gora, the venue for the men's alpine skiing World Cup. We are here about 40 km away from the starting point. Here you can choose:

  • about 10 km along the cycling route to Planica, the annual venue for the World Flight Championships
  • about 12 km of quite challenging ascent to the 1600m high Vršič pass. This climb alone adds an additional 800 meters. The ascent is very scenic and is partly made of granite cubes. On the other side of the pass, Primorska with the Soča Valley is just below the pass.

Whichever variant we choose, we made about 50km at the plant. This is followed by a return along the same route, which is now less demanding since most of the path is slightly descending.

The tour for the average cyclist in the group takes:

  • with Planica 3,5h
  • with a tip about 4h

2. Bled - Bohinj - Pokljuka - Bled (cca 80 km, approx. 900 m altitude)

We start the cycling tour in front of the Hotel Ribno and head in the direction of Bled (2km). Along the lake, we drive to the regatta center, where twice was the venue for the World Rowing Championship. Then we turn towards Bohinj. Bohinj is a common name for a valley with some hamlets and a beautiful lake. First we come to Bohinjska Bistrica, a few kilometers to the lake, above which is the Vogel ski center. Here we can choose and decide to visit the Savica Waterfall. This also adds about 20 km and an easier climb before the waterfall. The alternative is to take the way through the upper valley towards the ascent of Pokljuka. It starts at the village of Jereka, where we turn left to Pokljuka. A moderate ascent (approximately 8% on average) leads us to Koprivnik after 5 km, where the trail straightens for a few km. After about 5 picturesque kilometers we reach Gorjuše (a beautiful mountain village where the last producer of very special handmade wooden smoking faucet lives. There begins the last, quite steep part of the ascent (10% slope), which takes about 3 km. At the top of Pokljuka, we turn towards Rudno polje, where we reach about 10 km of gentle ascent (1-3%). This place on Pokljuka is an annual venue for biathlon World Cups. In February 2021, the Biathlon World Championships will also be held there.

From there, only about 25 km of descent, more or less steep, await us back towards Bled. Through the village of Gorje, we come back to Lake Bled, from where we are only 2 km away from the Hotel Ribno.

Tour for the average cyclist takes:

  • without Savica waterfall for 3 hours
  • with Savica waterfall (additional 20 km), 4 h

3. Bled – Radovljica – Tržič – Kranj – Jamnik – Kropa – Bled (approx. 85 km, approx.  800 altitude)

We start the cycling tour in front of the hotel and go through the nearby village of Bodešče to the cycling route towards Lesce. Along the way we meet a small hotel where the film 'Pr' Hostarju 'was shot. Through Lesce we come to Radovljica, where we can see the old part of town, where every year one of the largest chocolate fairs in the world takes place. We ascend slightly through Begunje and 'under the mountains' we drive through three villages with an exceptional view of the entire valley to Ljubljana. We descend to Tržič, from where we drive to Kranj, the capital of Gorenjska. Here, too, we can take a short drive through the old part of the city, then cross the Sava River and drive past the ski jumps, where quite a few Slovenian champions made their first jumps. After an extremely beautiful valley, we drive through Besnica and other villages after a short ascent to Jamnik, a place where a church stands on an exceptional vantage point. Extraordinary energy radiates here, it can be seen far and wide in three valleys. From there, the descent leads us to Kropa, our blacksmith center, where we can see the old part of the place while driving. We still have about 20 km of a nice calm drive to Lancovo below Radovljica, where after a short macadam section (2 km) we reach the bridge over the river Sava. A short ascent (1 km) takes us to the village of Bodešče, from where we drive back to our hotel.

The tour is quite varied, it has several shorter ascents. The ascent to Jamnik is the only one that is more demanding in the last part, due to the work with a large slope (up to 18%), which is short (500m).

The tour for the average cyclist lasts about 3-3.5 hours.

4. Bled – Lesce – Radovljica – Begunje – Žirovnica – Jesenice – Gorje – Bled  / local tour (approx. 50 km, approx. 300 m altitude)

Local tour - a cycling tour starts in front of the hotel and goes through the nearby village of Bodešče on the bike path towards Lesce. Through Lesce we come to Radovljica, where we can see the old part of town, where every year one of the largest chocolate fairs in the world takes place. In Begunje we turn through 'Kašarija' (a set of connected villages where our famous beekeepers were born and France Prešeren, our greatest poet) towards Jesenice. In Jesenice we turn onto a short, but at the end steep ascent, which takes us through the village of Kočna to Gorje and back to Bled.

The tour is easy and for the average cyclist it takes about 2 hours. It is only necessary to overcome the ascent from Jesenice to Kočna.

5. Bled - Kranj - Ljubljana - Kranj - Tržič - Bled (approx. 120 km, approx. 600 m altitude)

We are going to our capital Ljubljana. We follow the old road towards Kranj, the capital of Gorenjska. Here we drive through the old part of the city along the old road through a series of villages towards Ljubljana. We drive past Trboj, where the river Sava makes a beautiful lake. After about 2 hours drive we reach Ljubljana. Thanks to the good cycling routes around the city, we can get to the city center and see it, of course on bicycles. We return to Kranj along the same road as we arrived, and there we turn towards Tržič, where a short ascent awaits us (approx. 3 km). 'Pod gorami', after an exceptionally well-seen part of the route, we descend to Begunje, from where we drive through a few villages to Lesce and finally to Bled and back to the Hotel Ribno.

The tour is not too demanding, only the length and the short ascent at Tržič give weight.

For the average cyclist, it takes 4,5-5h. 6. Bled - Lesce - Radovljica - Begunje - Žirovnica - Jesenice - Gorje - Bled (approx. 50km, approx. 300 altitudes)

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Price List


BIKE (Mtb Scott)

E-BIKE (Scott)

7:00 – 13:30
13:30 – 20:00
12,00 €
24,00 €
7:00 – 20:00
18,00 €
38,00 €
3,00 €
4,00 €

Reservation and information at reception desk. We recommend you to book a bike a day in advance.

To rent a bike, a fee of 30,00 € is payable (per room or per house) and it is refunded in case the bike is returned undamaged.

Guided tours

Half day (up to 4 hrs)

Daily (up to 7 hrs)

1 - 5 persons
150,00 €
180,00 €
6 - 14 persons
300,00 €
360,00 €
14 - 20 persons
450,00 €
540,00 €

More information at the reception. We recommend that you book a guided tour in advance.

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