Bled, with its surroundings and hinterland, is a tourist destination that offers exceptional opportunities for hiking. Julian Alps with Triglav in the background, Karavanke, peaks of Pokljuka, Jelovica, Mežakla, Bled hills – the choice is great.

A stage of the Julijan long-distance hiking trail also leads through Bled, which takes you along the edge of the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park.


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Hiking ideas

Some hiking ideas to make your decision easier. There are many possibilities, we suggest you some of the most beautiful.

For those who love to walk and enjoy the natural beauty and stunning views.

ribenska gora

It is a hill that rises above the Ribno Alpine Resort and you have to conquer it. A marked and in some places protected path will take you to a 587 m high peak, from which you will have a beautiful view of the ‘image of paradise’, at all 360 ° degrees. When you turn around your axis, on the south side is the blue-green Sava Bohinjka, which winds in a hidden ‘valley’ between Jelovica and Pokljuka. Through the branches of the old loners, a part of Lake Bled with the church quickly appears, then the view captures the Julian Alps with Triglav, and then the Karavanke and the whole plain, which stretches in the distance.

Pogled z M.Osojnice KS

The most beautiful and most romantic view of Lake Bled.For a slightly longer ascent, the path across Mala Osojnica to Velika Osojnica is a great choice. To Mala Osojnica with a height of 685 meters is about 45 minutes walk along a steep forest path, and then another 20 minutes to 756 meters high Velika Osojnica. The most beautiful views of the lake and its surroundings will await you.

Blejski Vintgar

The path to the Vintgar gorge takes us along Lake Bled, through the villages of Spodnje Gorje and Podhom, all the way to the entrance to this picturesque alpine gorge. Followed by a half-hour walk through the 1,600-meter-long gorge carved by the emerald-green mountain river Radovna. The path through the gorge is led over wooden bridges, from which you can easily observe the waterfalls, rapids and pools created by the river during its flow through the gorge. A well-maintained easy path through the gorge ends with a bridge over the mighty, approximately 15 m high Šum waterfall. In summer we recommend a visit during the week.

pogled z male osojnice

Even for the youngest. Zlatorog’s path. The thematic route at six stations around Lake Bled presents the cultural and natural sights of Bled and highlights the importance of environmental protection. Through the game, children and parents will get to know the beauties and sights of Bled in a fun and original way and relive one of the most famous fairy tales through children’s imagination. With the solved tasks you will defeat the lake monster.


Near Bled, above the village of Bohinjska Bela, lies the beautiful Iglica Waterfall. The path will lead you from the Ribno Resort past the village of Selo, to Mlini. There you continue in the direction of Bohinj to the village of Bohinjska Bela. From the village, a signpost leads you to the foot of the waterfall. You can climb the wooden ladder above the 24 meter high waterfall, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surroundings.


Another beautiful view. Start the hike in the village of Bohinjska Bela. An undemanding marked path will lead you across the Belca stream along an asphalt path through the village, and immediately after the underpass under the railway line, turn right onto the road and after a 15-minute walk you will reach the first houses in the hamlet of Slamniki. Continue along the cart track uphill. The signpost then directs you to the left, continuing up a steep path, where you come to the road to Belska planina. Then follow this cart track, turn left at the crossroads and follow the markings towards the top. You need about 2 and a half hours for the whole hike. You won’t regret it when you get to the top.

Careful and responsible on the hike