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If you want to experience Slovenia by bike, then a stay at the Hotel and Glamping Ribno on Lake Bled is the right choice. This cyclist-friendly hotel lives and breathes cycling and you and your bike will be in good hands.

As a member of the international association “Roadbike Holidays”, we meet the standards of quality and service required by road cyclists. We are experts for your road bike vacation!

kolesarjenje Vršič
kolesarjenje Vršič
kolesarjenje Vršič
kolesarski vikend Tadej Valjavec 2021

What do we offer?


We know how to take good care of everything – for individuals, groups, and cycling clubs.

Have you ever experienced being guided by a professional cyclist? Tadej Valjavec was among the top 10 at the Tour the France as well as the Giro d’Italia before he moved into a career in tourism. His speciality now is guiding cycling tours and he will be happy to share with you his expert knowledge about just anything related to cycling. He says: “Sports and cycling above all are my way of life. My motto is U2’s ‘One Love, One Life’.”

And for cycling clubs:

kolesarjenje Vršič
kolesarski vikend Tadej Valjavec 2021

Highlights and attractions

As a specialized cycling resort, we offer everything for unforgettable cycling pleasures. Before, during, and after the ride. Starting from a good breakfast onwards…

Those who love cultural sights can take a carriage ride around the lake, a pletna boat to visit the church on the island, or a view of the castle that rises above the lake cliff.

There are many things to visit or experience in our places. And many can be achieved by bike.

Cycling tours

The cycling tour starts in front of Hotel Ribno and goes in the direction of Bled (2km). We ride along the lake to the Bled Regatta Centre, which has twice been the venue of the World Rowing Championships. We ascend to the village of Gorje, where we turn into the valley of the Radovna River, our most beautiful and cleanest river in Gorenjska, which also supplies the whole of Bled with drinking water. After about 10 km of beautiful driving through the valley along the river, we turn into a short (500m), but extremely steep hill, which leads us above Mojstrana, where the Slovenian Mountaineering Museum is located. After a short descent, we arrive in the village that was the starting point of the first mountaineers who conquered our highest mountain, Triglav, in 1778. From Mojstrana, we continue along a cycle path for about 20 km through idyllic countryside to Kranjska Gora, the venue of the annual Alpine Skiing World Cup for men. Here we are about 40 km from Hotel Ribno. Here you can choose:

Whichever option we choose, we have covered about 50km on the turn. Then we return along the same route, which is now less difficult, as most of the way is slightly downhill.
The tour takes the average cyclist in the group:

We start the cycling tour in front of the hotel and we go in the direction of Bled (2km). We ride along the lake to the regatta center, which has been the venue of the World Rowing Championships twice. Then we turn towards Bohinj. Bohinj is the common name for a valley with a few hamlets and a beautiful lake. First, we reach Bohinjska Bistrica, and a few km later, we reach the lake, above which is the Vogel ski resort. Here you can choose to visit the Savica waterfall. This adds about 20 km and an easier climb before the waterfall. An alternative is to turn off at the lake through the upper valley towards the climb to Pokljuka. This starts at the village of Jereka, where you turn left to Pokljuka. After 5 km, a moderately difficult climb (average approx. 8%) leads to Koprivnik, where the path flattens out for a few km. After about 5 flat and scenic km we reach village Gorjuše, a mountain hamlet where the last ‘čedra’ (special smoking pipe) maker lives. There begins the last, rather steep part of the climb (10% gradient), which lasts about 3 km. At the top of Pokljuka, we turn towards Rudny Polje, which is about 10 km of gentle ascent (1-3%). Rudno polje is the annual venue of the Biathlon World Cup. In February 2021, the Biathlon World Championships will also take place there.

From there, it’s about 25 km downhill, more or less steep, back to Bled. Through the village of Gorje, you will get back to Lake Bled, from where you will only have 2 km to Ribno Alpine Resort.

The tour for an average cyclist takes:

The cycling tour starts in front of the resort and goes through the nearby village of Bodešče to the cycling track towards Lesce. Through Lesce we arrive in Radovljica, where we can see the old part of the town, where one of the biggest chocolate fairs in the world takes place every year. Through Begunje, we rise slightly and ‘under the mountains’, passing through three villages with an amazing view of the whole valley, all the way to Ljubljana. We descend to Tržič, from where we drive to Kranj, the capital of the Gorenjska region. Here, too, you can take a short drive through the old part of the town before crossing the Sava River and passing the ski jumps center where several Slovenian champions made their first jumps. After a short climb through the extremely beautiful valley, passing through Besnica and other villages, we reach Jamnik, a place where a small church stands on a remarkable lookout point. There is great energy here, and you can see three valleys far and wide. From there, the descent leads to Kropa, our blacksmith center, where you can see the old part of the town as you drive. We have about 20 km of beautiful, peaceful driving left to Lancovo below Radovljica, where after a short macadam section (2 km) we reach the bridge over the Sava River. A shorter climb (1 km) takes us to the village of Bodešče, from where we drive back to our resort.

The route is quite rugged, with several short climbs. The climb to Jamnik is the only one that is more difficult in the last part, due to the part with a high gradient (up to 18%), which is short (500m).

We start the cycling tour in front of the hotel and we go in the direction of Bled (2km). We ride along the lake to the regatta center, which has been the venue of the World Rowing Championships twice. Then we turn towards Bohinj. Bohinj is the common name for a valley with a few hamlets and a beautiful lake. When you reach Bohinjska Bistrica, turn left and pass the wood factory to the start of the climb. The climb is quite gentle until you reach the village of Nemški Rovt. From there, the more difficult part of the climb begins to the ski slope on Soriška Planina at an altitude of about 1,400 m. From there, there is a long descent through the Selška valley. At the end of the valley, you reach Škofja Loka, an extremely old town, which you can also visit. Passing Kranj, the capital of the Gorenjska region, we turn along the Sava River and return towards Bled.

The tour is demanding due to its length and the difficult climb up the Soriška Planina.

Gravel tour

The route of the trip runs along the paths for true gravel gourmets. Definitely a tour that will impress you. It consists of the linked routes of the Julian Bike Network, which is a new network of long-distance mountain bike trails in the Julian Alps.

Following the valley of the Sava Bohinjka, we descend to the lowest point in Lancovo. From there, we start climbing towards the Jelovica plateau. In the initial kilometers, we pass through small hamlets on an asphalt road, but as we start to climb, we will enjoy a beautiful macadam forest road to Bohinj. On the way through the forests, we are treated to panoramic views of the Julian Alps and the western Karavanke Mountains. Via Rovtarica (crossroads) we descend towards Nemški Rovt and Bohinjska Bistrica, and then follow a beautiful cycle path to Lake Bohinj. From the lake, we follow the cycle path past the village of Studor to Srednja vas, from where the second long ascent of our trip begins. On the picturesque Uskovnica, we take a well-deserved rest, while our soul rests in the incredible views. We continue past one of the most picturesque points on the route, the Zajamniki, and then to the road leading from Bohinjska Bistrica to Pokljuka. After a few kilometers above the hamlet of Gorjuše, turn right onto the forest road towards Bohinjska Bela. A long descent follows. The road is beautiful but quite steep at the beginning. From Bohinjska Bela we have a small climb before we reach Lake Bled and from there to Ribno Alpine Resort.